The Akita is moderately active and energetic, so he needs a couple long walks or jogs plus some play time each day. Although loyal and loving to his family, the Akita is suspicious of strangers. This can make him a good guard dog, but without proper training and socialization, his suspicions can become aggressive.

Akitas thrive on human interaction and will show their silly side to their family, they are often intolerant of other animals and children who don’t understand boundaries. 


As a large breed, the Akita’s muscular body and large head are imposing. The ears stand erect atop the broad head, balanced by a bushy tail that curls over his back.


10 to 13 years


The Akita can have an array of different colors, masks and markings.


Akitas are self-groomers, but their thick, double coats still require weekly brushing. They shed minimally year-round, but the dense undercoat sheds twice a year. Brushing more frequently during these periods will help rid them of the loose hair.