The Bloodhound’s extraordinary sense of smell makes him an unequaled hunter, and finder of people who are lost or hiding. 

A Bloodhound on the scent is relentless. When not following his nose, he is an affectionate and easygoing companion who enjoys the company of both adults and children. 


Bloodhounds are members of the Hound group. The breed has a distinctive look due to abundant loose skin that hangs in deep folds around the head and neck. 


10 to 12 years


The Bloodhound’s short coat can be black and tan, liver and tan, or red. 


The Bloodhound’s coat sheds seasonally, and requires only weekly brushing. To avoid doggy odor, this breed needs to be bathed regularly. 


The Bloodhound is a healthy breed, but like any large, deep-chested breed, they can be susceptible to bloat. Led by their noses, they are known for eating anything in their path—so owners need to be careful to keep things they shouldn’t ingest out of their reach. 

Owners need to check daily for infection in their Bloodhounds’ ears, and wipe their dogs’ faces to keep the skin wrinkles clean and irritant-free. Bloodhounds do drool, so wiping up is also a reality of Bloodhound ownership.