The Chihuahua is often described as having a terrier-like attitude. Alert and confident with an air of self-importance, Chihuahuas are often described as tiny Napoleons. But it’s not all sass with this tiny dog. His loyalty and charm make him an ideal lap dog who loves to spend quality time with his family.


Charming, sassy and graceful, this delightful diva packs a big personality into a portable, diminutive frame. A favorite of city dwellers and celebrities, this popular “purse dog” is up for adventures with their people – so long as it isn’t too cold outside and there isn’t too much exercise involved.

Though he loves spending time with his owner, he does require training. Without it, this king will try to reign over the entire household.

Chihuahuas make excellent city pets, as they need little exercise and enjoy spending time on their owners’ laps. They are too small for the rough play of small kids, but are loyal and adaptable with many types of people, as long as they get quality time and affection.


14 to 16 years 


Chihuahuas come in a broad range of colors. In fact, the American Kennel Club’s (AKC) standard is any color, solid, marked or splashed.