Grand, dignified as well as good-natured, the Mastiff is a home-loving companion ready and able to protect his people. 

Although they are well suited for suburban or country life, Mastiffs don’t need lots of exercise and can also enjoy a home without a backyard. Daily walks of a mile or two will help support an adult Mastiff’s physical and psychological health. 


Members of the Working group, Mastiffs are giants with thickly muscled bodies and large, broad heads. Male Mastiffs can outweigh many grown men. Their faces are masked in black, with a wrinkled forehead that adds a touch of wisdom to their benevolent expression. 


6 to 10 years


The colors of the Mastiff’s coat include fawn, apricot and brindle stripes, with a mask of black covering the face. 


The Mastiff is a seasonally shedding breed, but his short, dense coat makes grooming easy. It requires only a quick brushing every few days, and more frequent grooming with a strong comb once or twice a year during periods of shedding. 

The ears and deep wrinkles around the face need to be kept clean. It must also be mentioned that Mastiffs do drool. So pet owners need to keep cloths handy to wipe up!