The Pomeranian is inquisitive, bold and lively.


The Pomeranian may have a tiny body, but he has a commanding, big-dog demeanor. They are alert and intelligent, making them great watchdogs. They’re also easily trained, mastering tricks and games with ease.

As much as Pomeranians enjoy being lap dogs, they’re also an active breed. For most, indoor play and short walks are sufficient, making them a great dog for either the city or the suburbs.

Poms are notorious for escaping through small crevices or gaps in fencing and even climbing over short fences.

Their intelligence, coupled with their energy, makes them great for activities like agility, rally and obedience. They also make excellent therapy dogs.


12 to 16 years


The Pomeranian’s coat comes in many colors including solid or combinations of beaver, black, blue, blue merle, chocolate, cream, orange, red and white. It’s most commonly seen in orange or red, however.


A Pomeranian’s double coat is one of its most distinguishing characteristics and requires frequent brushing. Despite their fluffy coat, they are not heavy shedders.